Every month, on the 24th it’s Christmas Eve!

Every month we calebrate Christmas Eve with a Christmassy tasting dinner! Just like every important occasion, the table becomes more rich and decorated, children wait for their surprise (that will come right after dinner!) and mom and dad enjoy some pleasant time together. These are the ingredients that you will find every 24th, our special Christmas Eve!

And what can’t be missing on a Piedmontese table?

Here are the starters:  Veal Tonné, Bagna Caôda with crunchy vegetables, Fassona Tartare and the first courses: Risotto with radicchio and toma cheese from Piedmont, Agnolotti plin with gravy.

The main courses: Salted codfish breaded and fried, Cappone Piemonte style, mixed Bollito (boiled meat) with the side dishes: Mixed green herbes with anchovies, creamy lentils, roasted peppers.

And what about desserts? Panettone, Piedmont Bunet and Mont Blanc!

Which wine to pair? You chose it yourself among our nebbioli but remember to leave a glass to put in front of the fireplace for Santa Claus! So let start the feast!

Every month, on the 25th, there is Santa’s treasure hunt!

Lately in the night of the 24th, Santa Claus has decided to sleep here, in Riva Valdobbia, to spend some time with Mirtillo Rosso, his special red nosed reindeer.

Our two friends, in the morning of the 25th, have decided to organize a surprise for our little guests: enjoying breakfast all together and a special treasure hunt with a surprise in the end, in Santa’s office!

In December and January, 3 new Christmas workshops for the children!

For those who don’t know Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel yet, we just say that this is the first hotel in the world where Christmas is celebrated every month! Every 24th and 25th, and of course especially in December!

In the afternoon children make the cookies that moms and dads will eat on Christmas Eve (every month!) in front of the fireplace, while waiting for Santa Claus and for the magical evening organized by the Elves. But this is not it!

This year, in Decembre and January, after skiing, the kitchen of the Christmas pastries is opening for all the children with 3 new workshops: Christmas candy canes, sweet skewers and the chocolate kit!

Santa Claus’ office at Mirtillo Rosso

Do you remember the promise that he made? Mirtillo got to convince Santa Claus to stop here every month at night for sleeping, when he comes visit us on the 24th. Even last Winter, Santa used to have brekfast with our little guests and he really liked it! So Mirtillo thought of a surprise for him: he has built a little house for Santa Claus, just outside in our garden! So that he has a place for himself every time he comes here.

Obviously we have Mirtillo’s permission to visit Santa’s office and to leave in his mailbox all the letters wit some ideas for the gifts that we like most!

The idea

The world of Mirtillo Rosso is a state of mind. First of all, Mirtillo Rosso is Rudolph, Santa’s red-nosed reindeer who lights the way for the sleigh during snowstorms. Rudolph will tell you all about the adventure he had in Riva Valdobbia, of when he met Milla and her family and why this place is called Mirtillo Rosso!

Mirtillo Rosso the reindeer, with his funny and likeable character and his very noble origins, is the inspiration behind everything the Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel offers its guests: joy, sharing, affection, gifts, family, games, treats, smiles, wonder, astonishment, harmony, and fun.
The spirit of Christmas, with its colours, its light, and its cheer is the inspiration for our project.
Here with us, you can find a Christmas atmosphere all year round. That’s a promise from the Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel!

Christmas is a state of mind!

Here is how I imagine Dickens describing the Mirtillo Rosso on Tripadvisor!

There was a bright, cheery atmosphere all around. The people were jovial and full of life; they called each other from the balconies and, every now and then, fired over a playful snowball, laughing merrily if it reached its target and not less merrily, if it missed.
There were great, round-bellied baskets of teacakes, croissants, and pastries in the shape of jovial old men’s waistcoats. There were glowing Christmas baubles arranged in towering and bright florid pyramids.

With hazelnut spreads, and blueberry and raspberry jams, whose flavours bring to mind morning strolls in the woods and the pleasant way our heels sink into the dry leaves.
The mingling aromas of tea, coffee, chocolates, and pastries were so agreeable to the nostrils, that even the most indifferent observers grew ravenous; because everything in its Christmas guise appeared good enough to eat”.

(Loosely based on and taken from “A Christmas Carol”, by Charles Dickens)

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