The research of our Restaurant never stops! We have been working for 3 years to create something that is not easy to find: quality food for families!

What are we working at?

Our young Chef Giulia Bonarelli, last Summer has demonstrated that having a woman from Tuscany in the kitchen is a good business! But we are Piedmontese! And to us it’s important to make you discover our culinary tradition and our Nebbiolo red wine! Here is why Giulia has spent the Autumn working with Paola Naggi, Chef at the Ristorante Impero, in Sizzano. Paola, best 2018 woman Chef of Chef Awards, helped Giulia creating the Piedmontese menu that you’ll find in our restaurant. Together with the typical mountain dishes and Christmas dishes of course! Paola’s restaurant, that won the Chiocciola Slow Food is right after the exit of the highway, on the way to Mirtillo Rosso; would you like to try it? We reccommend it! Here is the telephone number: +39 0321 820576.

Here are our 6 specialties:

Let’s begin with the desserts! What would it be like a dinner on the mountain, after many outdoor activities, without a selection of desserts? Yes, a selection, because none of us is happy with just one! So thank you confectioner Andrea for delighting us with you masterpieces!

Children lunch and dinner with the entertainers! You just need to make the reservation in advanze. Children stay with friends, chose their dishes from the buffet or from the special kids menu.

Children can chose. If they eat with parents, the kids menu, fast and healthy, is a certainty but what makes the difference is the buffet! It’s more like a game turning around and discover the dishes: there won’t be many other occasions to make them taste different food!

The attention to the intolerances, to the allergies, to the special needs is a quality that only those who have learned to personalize the service can offer. Just like our staff!

Our restaurant has achieved a high level quality in making baby food: mushes, small pasta, meat, fish and vegetables are made by our cooks paying attention to the habbits of the single families: nobody has ever had such a big availability for every single request!

A dinner just for the adults! Dinner is always a difficult moment for parents with little children. Children don’t like to remain seated too long. Here is why the Baby Club is open from 7.30 pm untill 8.30 pm to take care of the little children while parents have dinner! Remember to book the service the day before.


A glass of wine and tangerines in front of the fireplace. This is the way children in Piedmont welcome Santa Claus before going to bed! Christmas Eve dinner at Mirtillo Rosso, is probably even nicer than Christmas Day! Here is why at Mirtillo Rosso we celebrate every month!

At dinnertime, the whole family gather at the house of the best cook: grandma, aunt, dughter or son to share the joy of celebrating a new start!

Well, at Mirtillo Rosso it’s our Chef who invite you to celebrate! And what is the thing that can’t be missing on a local Piedmont table for Christmas Eve?

Here are the starters:  Veal Tonné, Bagna Caôda with crunchy vegetables, Fassona Tartare

The first courses: Risotto with radicchio and toma cheese from Piedmont, Agnolotti plin with gravy

The main courses: Salted codfish breaded and fried, Cappone Piemonte style, mixed Bollito (boiled meat)

Side dishes: Mixed green herbes with anchovies, creamy lentils, roasted peppers

And what about desserts? Panettone, Piedmont Bunet and Mont Blanc!

Which wine to pair? You chose it yourself among our nebbioli but remember to leave a glass to put in front of the fireplace for Santa Claus!

So let start the feast!


Did you know that the Walser have been the first inhabitants of the Monte Rosa? But maybe you don’t know that the climate started changing radically, starting from 1200s, when they colonized these high lands! they arrived here in a time period in which the the weather was more temperate than nowadays. In 1600s though a little glaciation started and now we are leaving its ending phase! In the meantime America was discovered and potatoes arrived here too as well as  the corn! So the story of the Walser dishes is also the story of its ingredients and their cooking habits changed. During our Walser style dinner, we give you a better idea of this transition, giving importance to 5 ingredients: rye, milk, trout fish, deer and polenta, made with corn flour!

Here are the main dishes of our Walser menu, and some more will be added by our chef!

You will find our Walser selection, served at your table, in June and September on Saturday night and in July and August on Friday night!


Walser Menu 35€

Starters with typical mountain products

Rye bread

Walser Gnocchetti

Soup with milk and chestnuts

Trout “in carpione” with vinegar and spices

Deer cooked with law temperature

“Patate Masarai”


Walser menu and Torraccia del Piantavigna wine tasting 45€:

Erbavoglio – White wine – Starters

Tre Confini – Red Nebbiolo – Firts courses

Ghemme DOCG – Red wine – Main dishes

Barlàn – Nebbiolo Rosè – Desserts


Our kitchen crew make you the mush that you desire! Creams and broths are fresh and prepared every day. We use fresh products: vegetables, meat and whitefish or the baby food that you prefer. The cooked and/or blended fruit concludes the meal. You should directly ask to our restaurant staff, what you desire every day!


Nowadays we are all very well prepared about food! We know the secrets of the raw materials, of the cooking techniques… For those who’d love to know all the secrets for a succesful dinner, this Summer, at Mirtillo Rosso, we are setting a course for wine and food matching, with the typical Italian dishes.

The high Piedmont is a territory that hosts some of the most important and ancient vine varieties in the world so it’s the perfect place where to experiment the complexity of the food and wine matching.

Being able to recommend the perfect combination of the dishes with the wine is a competence that your own food-lover guests will certeinly appreciate. Using the right language to explain your choice, will make your presentation brilliant!

For the whole Summer at Mirtillo Rosso with the cost of 25€ per person.

During our tasting we’ll try:

Rosé classic method made with Spanna Nebbiolo by Delsignore winery. Food pairing: perfect before meals to enjoy with cured meats and young cheeses.

Erbavoglio Colline Novaresi by Torraccia del Piantavigna winery. 100% Erbaluce. Food pairing: perfect with first courses with vegetables such as soups and vegetarian flans but also with fish recipes.

Ghemme by Torraccia del Piantavigna winery, 90% nebbiolo and 10% vespolina. Full-bodied wine. Food pairing: perfect with game and polenta (corn flour), very popular in Valsesia.

Passito “gocce di luce” 100% erbaluce. Sweet and fruity white wine. Food pairing: perfect with dry confectionery, pies and desserts with shell fruit, such as almond pies.


Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Croatina, Erbaluce… these are the names of the indigenous vine of the hills of Novara and theValsesia.

Those that we proudly call the wines of our land and that are becoming more and more popular around the world.

Every week end, you’ll get to know the producers, who will introduce us all the wines that we keep in our cellar.

We serve our wines with the local “miacce” with the toma cheese, cooked by Fabio!


In Italy there aren’t many areas under the protection of a registered designation of origin, the more restrictive epithet in the wine Italian panorama. In Piedmont they are 5. Two are here, in Ghemme and Gattinara. These Nebbioli are considered the most representative wines both in the domestic market and in the international one. “Torraccia del Piantavigna” has contributed to the success producing one thousandths of a great personality and it has obtained the prestigious recognition of the “Tre Bicchieri of Gambero Rosso”.


The organic from Piedmont. Jams and fruit juices are an important part of the nutrition on holiday! There’s more time for breakfast and snack and so you can try new tastes! Mirtillo Rosso has chosen biological products of the Mountain Firm Achillea to offer to our children all taste and nutriment of the healthier fruits! These are the main characteristics that make Achillea a supplier of Eataly, the most prestigious collection of the best products with a Made in Italy taste in the world:

Only biological fruit preferably Italian. Thanks to the rigorous selection of suppliers, fresh fruit is transformed in fruit in season. Thanks to the delicate process of transformation, all the qualities of the fruit are unchanged in our products.


Maybe you still haven’t discovered that the firm Ponti Inc., has a factory in Modena but it has its headquarters at the feet of our Valsesia! Ponti is an important partner of our project! The Ponti family cultivates from five generations the culture of taste and at Mirtillo Rosso you can discover it in all its forms. From 1867 Ponti is a leader internationally recognized in the production of vinegars, pickles and vegetables preserved in oil, that conquer the tables of all the world. From us you can taste all the glazes, preserves and vinegars of the family Ponti! Also some previews that you still haven’t seen in the supermarket!


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