Odaka Yoga, a sensorial experience.

Guests who are Yoga lovers must try the Odaka Yoga lesson of Saturday evening (at 5.30 pm) held by Isabella Gonnet at Ostello La Minera.

This is going to be the fourth season that we make you live this experience. Isabella told us that in the Odaka Yoga, the Bushido (the warrior way) blends with zen and yoga, creating an experience in which the rudiments of transformation, adaptability and interior strenghth are expressed physically and emotionally.

The natural rhythms of the wavy motion are reproduced from the body during the session, so that it gets the same pliability of the water. The Odaka Warrior’s biomechanics and flowing motion, help you living balanced in the middle of the chaos.

The practice acts on the postural alignment preventing accidents that may occurr to muscles, skeleton and tissues. Muscles activate with a balanced and functional movement that strengthens and extends at the same time.


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