Luxuriant Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa vacanza estate

The first inhabitants of this valley gave us the architecture of their houses from the 1600s and pathways to explore mountain pastures. At an altitude of 4600m, Monte Rosa gives us snow and panoramas!

Family activities

Esperienze in vacanza per famiglie e bambini

We explore upper Valsesia with the little ones and the bigger ones alike. In Alagna, Mollia, Rassa and Piode. Unusual experiences that become lasting memories for children. Monte Rosa, a picnic, a swim in the river, cable car rides, lunch in a mountain refuge.

Grown up passions

A selection of activities that are so exciting and adrenalin-filled that you could only find them on Monte Rosa.

While we look after the children, you can try glacier ascents, river sports, running, paragliding or a climb to Capanna Margherita: the highest mountain refuge in Europe.

Monte Rosa cable cars

Monterosa Ski resort is a ski area bringing together 3 valleys: Valsesia, Gressoney valley and Champoluc valley.

During the summer you can go up to the Baita mountain refuge at a height of 2000 metres, or the panoramic Passo dei Salati area at a height of 3000 metres or to Indren at a height of 3300 metres, where you leave to climb the glaciers.

Courses for 2 to 4 CHILDREN

To best support novice child learners, smaller groups or individual lessons are recommended.

Alagna Ski School has created these small groups as per your request, up to 2 for very small children and up to 4 for the more independent ones.