Every day, from 10 am until 4 pm and from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm we offer the little ones our Baby Club service: little games and entertainment, din-dins and beddy-bye! 10€ per hour or 20€ per day. If you book the service for the full week, you save 40€! ATTENTION PLEASE! Not many hotels give children 1 to 3 a dedicated service. But to make it work better, we need you! The service has to be booked at least the day before: we wish that all children feel comfortable and happy! Toddlers from 1 to 3 years, at the nursery school, are welcomed with a gradual inclusion lasting one or two weeks in which parents stay with their children as well. In the hotel, it’s not possible to have this time. For this reason, we have set some moments in which the children and our nannies get to know each other and see what’s the feeling between them. The timing and the results of this “mini inclusion” are uncertain so we always check with the parents! If your child doesn’t attend the baby club, check for the activities that we organize daily for the whole family. The entertainers are always accompanying to make things easier!

hotel con baby club
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MILLA’S VILLAGE is the Mirtillo Rosso entertainment for children aged 4 to 12. It’s inside and outside: in the outdoor play area, in the Family Spa, in the garden, in town among the Walser style houses and in nature. Together we make pastries, decorations, we discover, live adventures and experiment.

The Mini Club is open every day from 10 am until 6 pm and from 7 pm until 10 pm. Children can also have lunch and dinner at the mini club, upon reservation.

Entertainment means making new friends and have fun all together! “It’s always Christmas” means above all staying together, playing together, telling each other stories and the adventures that we live during the day, on the pistes and during our trips. There are surprises and events organized by our entertainers. Children easily make new friends, they meet at Milla’s Village with our staff and soon even parents make new friends with whom to chat and share the holiday!


From 4.30 pm to 6 pm and then in the evening, while the little ones do the Baby Dance, one entertainer is dedicated to the older ones and will organize games and activities for them. Attention please! There is a special surprise for them: MIRTILLO ROSSO HAS BECOME THE FIRST NINTENDO LABO HUB!

What happens when we combine magic and technology? Oh yes! Mirtillo Rosso Elves have become friends of the Nintendo Labo “inventors”! This collaboration has given birth to the first Nintendo Labo Hub in a Family Hotel in Italy.The Nintendo Labo technological workshop is aimed to the older brothers and sisters and will be open 3 times a week to create the magical Toycon!

Attività ragazzi in albergo Nintendo Labo


Zero years old but lots of attention! This is the slogan of our Baby Sitting service. Infants from 0 to 11 months, need dedicated attention, experience and empathy, as you know. Here is why we have always chosen carefully our Baby Sitters to whom to entrust the infants so that parents can take some time for themselves. In order to make sure to find Baby Sitters available, it’s necessary to book the service at least one week before, defining the exact timing. The service costs 25€ for the first hour and 20€ per hour from the second. If you need continuous service, let us know as soon as possible, when booking in advance we can make you save some money!


You can have free equipment such as baby buggies, high chairs, baby beds, safety bed rails, changing tables, baby baths, WC adapters, stools and bobsleighs. Book for them now! In town you’ll find bike and sports equipment rentals, either in Summer and in Winter. Remember to put in your suitcase, for you and for your children: warm clothes, thermal shirts, mountain socks, hiking boots and trekking shoes, bathing suit, raincoat, hat and sunglasses when attending all our activities!

Hotel dove sempre Natale - Christmas hotel


Time is relative and there is always a way to make holiday time last longer! How? For example by booking the Late Check Out option: with 60€ you can keep your room until 8 pm, use the SPA all day and you also have the afternoon snack included.

You will feel like you have one more day of the holiday! Don’t waste your holiday! Ask us for some help: we help you out with bookings (ski school, guides, taxis, restaurants, refuges) and purchases (ski pass, ski lockers at the lifts…).

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