We are Giulia Maria and Andrea, both from Tuscany, respectively born in 1993 and 1990, two simple persons but with big ambitions. We have started cooking after high school: I Giulia have chosen the cooking and Andrea pastry-making. We arrived at Mirtillo Rosso as apprentices and we fell in love with the project! A job with a young and creative staff that has given us the opportunity to improve our skills and become respectively Executive Chef and Pastry Chef. We looked for special teachers, such as Paola Naggi, owner of the restaurant “Impero” in the town of Sizzano and Elide Cordero, starred Chef of the restaurant “Il Centro” in the town of Priocca. We studied and worked for them during the closing months of Mirtillo Rosso. Why? To create our mountain and Piedmontese cuisine, by discovering and using local produce. I, Giulia, love the “bollito” the boiled meat, the “plin” ravioli and the “carpione”. Piedmontese cuisine gives us the opportunity to express territoriality that we have learned and appreciated, despite our origins.

We put much care when cooking for the children: we use just a little salt, genuine produces, first quality meat and fish. Our guests say that our pastries are mouth-watering: from the Piedmontese bunet to the pastries we make every month, on the 25th, like the “panettone” with mascarpone cream, the Christmas “tronchetto” and the Mont Blanc.

Ristorante per bambini in hotel, pappe per i bambini in albergo


Here at Mirtillo Rosso we like to make the difference! Since we have been opening, our goal is just one: we wish to make children mushes just like if we had to make them for our own children! You can choose what you need! Creamed vegetables and broths are made daily. We use our produce: vegetables, meat and white fish or your homogenised. You can always find cooked fruit or fruit smoothies. You just have to ask our Elves for what you need every day!


Taking care of people is our passion! Especially for those who have a food intolerance. Tell us your need before your arrival. We have created many recipes to make happy children and adults that have a food intolerance. Our food may be accidentally contaminated, that’s why we need to know in advance how to take care of you, so that you can enjoy a tasty holiday!

Ristorante famiglie bambini intolleranze


In Italy not many areas are granted the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). In Piedmont they are 5. Two are here, Ghemme and Gattinara. These “Nebbioli” are considered among the most Italian representatives, in Italy and abroad. Torraccia del Piantavigna has given its contribution to the success by producing great vintage wines that made them grant the “Tre Bicchieri del Gambero Rosso” award.


Probably you still don’t know that the Ponti spa company, has its factory in Modena but its headquarter is at the bottom of our Valsesia! Ponti is a very important partner of our project!

The Ponti family have been cultivating for five generations the culture for good taste and at Mirtillo Rosso you can discover all their specialties. From 1867 Ponti is a leader around the world in the production of vinegar, pickles and in-oil vegetables.

Here you can try all their glazes, their preserves and all kind of vinegars and even some new entries that you can’t find at the supermarkets!

Biologico e Achillea, ristorante Alagna Monte Rosa


Jam and fruit juice are very important elements of the nutrition, especially on holiday! There is more time to spend during breakfast and snack time and for tasting! Mirtillo Rosso has chosen the organic products of Achillea to offer your children the taste and the nourishment of the healthier fruit! For its charachteristics, Achillea is one of the Eataly’s suppliers, the prestigious collection of the best Made in Italy producers in the world: only organic fruit, preferably Italian. Thanks to the strict selection of its suppliers, fresh fruits are processed during the season. Thanks to the gentle working process, all the good qualities of the fruit remain intact.

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