December 2019 news! We have created a fun SPA, with an area for adults and another area for families, for you to relax and play in. Santa Claus has a friend known as the Sandman in northern Europe, and to us in Italy as “l’Omino dei Sogni”, and he is one of the Guardians of Childhood! We have asked Sandman to go with you from the World of Christmas to the World of Sweet Dreams (Sogni d’Oro), where the grown-ups can enjoy the experiences created by our SPA Manager Nadia and the children can swim and play in the warm water.

The family area covers 400 sq. m with 2 salt-water indoor/outdoor pools heated to 34°, an indoor slide and an indoor-only 30cm deep pool for the little ones.

There are games, loungers and an outdoor garden. The pools are sanitised using salt electrolysis instead of chlorine. Bathrobes, towels and flip-flops in adult sizes are available in your room and at the SPA reception. Remember to bring flip-flops for the little ones and we will provide their towels.

Adults spa pool Alagna Monte Rosa


We have taken your comments on board throughout our first three years and developed a timeless, warm, restorative and golden place. The spa at Mirtillo Rosso has expanded to lead you to a world of Sweet Dreams! An area reserved for adults covering 300 sq. m with an indoor/outdoor pool, salt floatation tank, whirlpool bath suitable for massages, two saunas, a steam room, sensory showers and four booths for your well-being and beauty needs.

Afterwards, why not try the hydrating refreshment of our ice fountain and our new relaxation room where you can make yourself some herbal tea?

Set aside a day of relaxation only for you, because being on holiday with the family doesn’t mean neglecting your own wellbeing and beauty!


The SPA is open to those who are not staying at Mirtillo Rosso too! You can spend 4 hours there between 10am and 4pm. Booking is always essential.

Our package deals are the best option for families, small groups of friends and for return guests.

4 admittances for 140€ and 10 admittances for 300€

One admittance costs 40 € per person. We will provide you with a bathrobe, towel and flip-flops in adult sizes as well as a towel for children.

The “Io e te”(Me and you) package is designed for 1 adult and 1 child and costs € 70.

Family spa outdoor pool Alagna Monte Rosa Italy
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Give yourself a warm embrace in our swimming pools with hot and salty water and then give yourself an experience of wellness and body care in the expert hands of our operators. Our massage rituals are unique experiences for mind and body relax. 

If you are on holiday with your children, take advantage of our mini club, baby club and of our qualified babysitting service to dedicate some time to yourself and your couple.


Baby Ritual. What are the conditions in which babies relax the most? When they are not distracted by external and emotional factors. When they are focused and curious about what surrounds them. Here is why a relaxing massage is a unique experience for the little ones. It’s a special cuddle that lasts 25 minutes, only for them, lived as an extraordinary event, out of time and of his little world. We use an oil that is formulated only with natural ingredients and rich in vitamin E.

Princess Ritual. It’s a beauty ritual for our little girls. A little bit of a game and a little bit of experimentation. Our attentive beauticians tell them all the secrets about the nail polish that they use on hands and feet. It lasts 30 minutes, in a relaxed atmosphere, very appreciated by those who love discovering new things! A fun and joyful way to discover body care that girls see every day from their mothers!

SPA e trattamenti family per bambini
Adults spa Valsesia Alagna floating pool salted water


You already know that we have three pools with heated water at 34°C. This is what we look for in a Family SPA! A play area, warm and thought for the pleasure of mom and dad and of the children.

But maybe you haven’t noticed a detail that makes our Bolle Blu SPA very comfortable and healthy! The water is salted! This choice makes sanitisation possible without using chlorine. There are benefits for your skin and your eyes. Technology helps us taking care of our young guests!


Comfort Zone is the partner we have chosen for your beauty and your wellness. It’s the Italian leader company in the treatments and rituals for skin and body and it shares our purpose: promoting a healthy lifestyle, happy and sustainable.

Comfort Zone takes care of your wellness with responsible solutions, scientifically advanced that visibly enhance skin, body and mind. You’ll be able to ask for advices to our estheticians that are trained following the Comfort Zone standards, make a skin test and chose the best treatment for you!

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