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Alagna Valsesia con bambini e famiglia - Monte Rosa


The Walser were the first inhabitants of this land and the first colonizers of the Monte Rosa. They left Germany in 800 and moved to Switzerland first, to the Canton Vallese. In 1200 the favourable weather conditions let them cross the Monte Rosa to settle in this land: together with Alagna, Macugnaga, Gressoney and Champoluc are Walser communities.  The wooden architecture of their houses, built in 1600, is a marvel that can be seen among the numerous hamlets. The Val Vogna, that starts from Riva Valdobbia, and the Val d’Otro, that starts from Alagna, are enchanting! Thanks to the mountain pastures, the good food and the art of the churches and chapels along the trails, tourists visit the Valsesia in Summer as well as in Winter.


The second highest peak of Europe: 4600 mt a.s.l.! It’s a beautiful mountain chain with over 20 peaks that exceed the 4000 mt! It’s visible even from the Po plane and in develops, in Italy, between Piedmont, where we are, and the Aosta Valley. The history of its discover is part of the world history of mountaineering. Here the first explorers, like Ginevrino De Saussure in 1789, organized their first experimental ascents. Even the priest of Alagna, Don Gnifetti, in 1842 conquered the Signalkuppe 4554 mt. By then, the Signalkuppe, in his honour, was named Punta Gnifetti and in 1889, here was built the Capanna Margherita, the highest hut of Europe!

Monte Rosa, Valsesia
Piemonte, turismo e laghi


What to add to a holiday with family on the Monte Rosa?  Piedmont is the region of lakes and wine, together with mountains! We like Orta Lake a lot, It’s just one hour drive from the Mirtillo Rosso. It’s one of the most precious lakes of Italy with its San Giulio island and the towns of Pella and Orta!

A little bit further, driving towards Milan, the Maggiore lake with its Borromee islands and the town of Arona worth visiting! If you are driving towards France, at two and a half hours drive from here, don’t miss the Langhe area, where you can visit the wine cellars and taste the other Piedmontese wines famous all around the world. Would you like to get any advice to organize, with your family a stop-over during your trip? Just ask: we’ll be happy to help you out!

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