Spa Sogni d’Oro (Sweet Dreams Spa)

Well-being for adults and families

Spa per adulti e famiglie in montagna

A Spa area, divided into adult and family zones, accessible to all our guests and just a few external guests. Tubs, pools, saunas and treatment rooms, in the warm embrace of nature’s seasons.

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Adults only

SPA piscina Monte Rosa, Alagna

A timeless, warm, restful, golden place. A 300 sq m area only for adults with an indoor/outdoor pool, salt water flotation tank, hydro massage tub, two saunas, steam room, sensory showers and four treatment rooms for your well-being and beauty.

Family Spa

The Sandman, who is a friend of Father Christmas, will bring you from the world of Christmas to the world of the Sweet Dreams Spa, where the children play in the warm water of our salt water pools, heated to 34°.

The family area covers 400 sq m with an indoor/outdoor pool, one with a slide and one 30cm deep pool for the little ones.

Pools and garden

Piscine e giardino estate Alagna Monte Rosa Valsesia

There are games, loungers and an outdoor garden. The pools are sanitised using salt electrolysis instead of chlorine.

Bathrobes, towels and flip-flops for adults are at your disposal both in your room and at the SPA reception.

A Spa Day

Experience the pleasure of spending time in indoor and outdoor tubs and pools heated to 34°. Relaxation area, sensory deprivation tank with Epsom salts, sensory showers and saunas.

Make your day even more centred around you by adding a specialist beauty ritual.

Treatments for babies

Baby Ritual. Babies relax when there is little distraction from external and emotional factors. This is why a relaxing massage is a unique experience for little ones. A special cuddle providing 25 minutes of pleasure and tranquillity. The oil used is formulated exclusively with elements of natural origin and rich in vitamin E.

Princess Ritual. A beauty ritual for little girls, this is part game, part experimentation. Our attentive beauty therapists chat and explain the secrets of nail varnish for fingers and toes. A joyful way to discover a self-care ritual.

Salt water in the mountains!

Spa e piscina Alagna estate

A detail that makes our SPA truly comfortable and healthy is the fact that it uses salt water! This choice allows us to avoid having to use chlorine to disinfect it.

There are benefits for your skin, eyes and breathing. The technology helps us to take care of our little guests!

Epsom salts tub

Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate and is traditionally used to purify the body, ease muscle tension and as a natural supplement.

This tub contains a minimum of 40% Epsom salts, along with Sodium Chloride, allowing your body to float as if weightless. A deep state of relaxation can be achieved in these conditions.

The saunas

The Finnish sauna, at a temperature of 90 degrees, is a heat bath with very low humidity, so that sweat evaporates and the skin does not get too hot. It brings about the expulsion of toxins from the body.

The citrus Bio sauna at a temperature of 60 degrees and 50% humidity slowly increases heat to stimulate the circulation and cardiac system, and purify the airways, skin and hair. Essential oil of orange is added to the treatment, helping restore joy and love for life.

The steam room

The steam room environment reaches humidity levels of around 100% and temperatures vary from 30 to 50 degrees.

The steam room acts as a sort of antidote for tension, relieving all forms of stress. Skin is deep cleaned through the elimination of toxins and impurities.


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