What is a family SPA ? A place wher both adults and children can find wellness and pleasure. Here is why we have created two separate areas: one for the families and one just for the adults.

In the area dedicated to families of our Bolle Blu SPA there are two pools with heated water (34° C). One pool is indoor/outdoor to to enjoy the snow and the star-studded Winter nights or the sky and the sun of the Valsesian Summer. The second is 30 cm deep, for the little ones. There are toys, sunbeds and the garden. The pools are sanitized through electrolysis using salt instead of chlorine. In the bedroom and at the reception of the SPA you’ll find bathrobes, towls and slippers fo the adults. Make sure to bring the slippers for your children. We’ll give you the towels for the.


A wellness area only for mum and dad. A Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Room, two multi-sensory showers, ice fountain, a relaxation area with herbal teas, two double massage rooms and one treatment room.

Treat yourself with a relaxing day. There is an experience that maximize the relaxing effects of the Odaka Yoga event that takes place every Saturday afternoon, it’s the Aromasoul ritual. A relaxant massage that helps re-balancing your energies.

What about an aperitif in the SPA? Every day before lunch and dinner, fresh fruits and a drink by the pool … why making the effort to walk to the bar?


Even if you don’t sleep at Mirtillo Rosso, you can enter to the wellness center!

You can spend 4 hours between 10am to 4pm.

Our packages are very convenient for families, little groups of friends and for guests, who want to come back!

4 entrances 100€ and 10 entrances 210€.

The single entrance is 35€ per person. We provide bathrobe, slippers and towel for adults and towel for children.

Tall and Small”: 1 adult with 1 child € 60,00 instead of € 70,00

Reservation is always needed.


Give yourself a hot embrace in our swimming pools with salty water with a temperature of 34° C and then give yourself an experience of wellness and body care in the expert hands of our operators.

Our massage rituals are a unique experience for mind and body relax.


If you are on holiday with your children, take advantage of our miniclub, baby club and of our qualified babysitting service to dedicate some time to yourself and your couple.

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Baby Ritual. Which are the conditions in which babies relax the most? When they are not distructed by external and emotional factors. When they are focused and curious on what surround them. Here is why a relaxing massage is a unique experience for the little ones. It’s a special cuddle, only for them, lived as an extraordinary event, out of time and of his little world. We use the special Tone oil of [Comfort Zone] made of sweet almonds, without essential oils, that we also use for pregnancy treatments. It’s an oil formulated with natural elements, rich in vitamin  E, for an hydrated and elastic skin. The Baby Ritual offers 25 minutes of pleasure and serenity.

Princess Ritual. It’s a beauty ritual for our little girls. A little bit of a game and a little bit of experimentation. Our attentive beauticians tell them all the secrets about the nailpolish that they use on hands and feet. It lasts 30 minutes, in a relaxed atmosphere, very appreciated by those who love discovering new things! A fun and joyful way to dicover a body care that girls see everyday from their mothers!



It’s a game through wich children aged 6 to 14 learn an acupressure technique on their body that gives new energy, self-confidence, enthusiasm and emotional balance. It helps relieving anger and anxiety. Children learn a technique that can be used at home as well, during all their growth. For them it’s like having their own toolbox on hand, to be supported during their adventure of becoming adults.

It helps transforming the unreal tummy ache and headache that children often declare before going to school. It helps turning their fear and sadness that often occur when they have to leave mom and dad, to courage, confidence and joy. This method is very helpful during the stressful homework time. It helps having more physical and mental energy and dealing with all the daily tasks. Our children nowadays are very busy!


You already know that we have three pools with heated waterv at 34°C. This is what we look for in a Family SPA! A play area, warm and thought for the pleasure of mom and dad and of the children.

But maybe you haven’t noticed a detail that makes our Bolle Blu SPA very comfortable and healthy! The water is salted! This choice makes sanitisation possible without using chlorine. There are benefits for your skin and your eyes. Technology helps us taking care of our young guests!


Comfort Zone is the partner we have chosen for your beauty and your wellness. It’s the Italian leader company in the treatments and rituals for skin and body and it shares our purpose: promoting a helthy lifestyle, happy and sustainable.

Comfort Zone takes care of your wellness with responsible solutions, scientifically advanced that visibly enhance skin, body and mind. You’ll be able to ask for advices to our estheticians that are trained following the Comfort Zone standards, make a skin test and chose the best treatment for you!


Do you know why we like to collaborate with [Comfort Zone]? Because just like us, they listen to the people to find new solutions! This season we offer you an innovative range of products that acts on skin and mind, reducing the stress and the ageing effects related to lifestyle. /skin regimen/ treats the most common signs related to stress such as dehydration, pale complexion, imperfections, expression wrinkles e deep wrinkles,and helps slowing the ageing caused by lifestyle.


Being on holiday with the family doesn’t mean neglecting your own well-being and beauty! We have set a program with 4 different activities to combine with 4 SPA treatments.

Nordic Walking

Every Friday join our group to reach the small Peccia lake. With your Nordic Walking you’ll be faster than us but you can wait for us to have lunch together! Once back in the hotel, in the afternoon, treat yourself with a Grotta Giusti tratment, re-mineralizing and winding-down with mud from thermal water that heats and relax the muscles.

Running or Biking

Try your first run with Stefano on Wednesday and on Saturday from 3pm to 4pm or join our e-bikers group on Sunday to reach Pianalunga (2000mt a.s.l.). Once back in the hotel, treat yourself with a Body Active massage, that thanks to the “Wood roller”, will give you an incredible lightness feeling.

Rafting, Canyoning or Hidrospeeding

These are river sports that are perfect to combine with hot, relaxant, nourishing and  sensorial massages thanks to the warm lava stones and the essential oils.


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