Sustainability and responsibility

Our values

Mirtillo Rosso is a member of Ospitalità Natura (Nature Hospitality), which promotes sustainable tourism. We are people-centred: our guests, our co-workers, our community.

Be more sustainable is our challenge

Continuing and carrying forward the path of “green development”, to push our sensitivity towards sustainability further, we decided in this month of June to challenge each other among Mirtillers and challenge our Guests in sustainable actions.

One of the goals is to plant one hundred and fifty trees, through the B Corp Up2You, choosing not to have the room redone every day.

Furthermore, in this period, to support the families of the area, a Summer Camp will be activated in the hotel at a reduced price for children residing in the valley and free for the children of collaborators. Again to help those who collaborate with the structure, a Guarantee Fund will be created to obtain loans at subsidized rates.

On the 8th of June there will be a day of activities and entertainment with the guys from the Archimede Association, during which Mirtillo Rosso’s commitment to this project will once again be renewed.

What is sustainability for you? Accept our challenge and share your responsible holiday with us. We are ready to get inspired!

The projects we support

Mirtillo Rosso - hotel sostenibile ecologico in Valsesia, Monte Rosa

Since the opening of Mirtillo Rosso, for each booking through our website we received we have decided to donate €5 to several socially useful projects.

By booking your stay with us, these are the projects you helped us supporting.

  • Doctors Without Borders: project in support of maternity in South Sudan – 27.650€
  • Foundation Valsesia: support to disability and local families in need – 3000€
  • Save the Children: institutional activity – 2.160,00€
  • JRS Refugees in Bosnia Special Project – 11.000€
  • Turin Pediatric Oncology Holiday Project – 8.000€ 

Natural materials

Mirtillo Rosso - hotel sostenibile ecologico in Valsesia, Monte Rosa

The Mirtillo Rosso building uses green construction. The entire structure is made of wood and insulated with cork. Single-use objects are biodegradable. A water fountain is provided for free in order to cut the use of bottles.

Instead of single-use products, in the rooms you will find dispensers of [Comfort Zone] certified sustainable products

No resource waste

Mirtillo Rosso - hotel sostenibile ecologico in Valsesia, Monte Rosa

We contain heat loss by using high specification walls and glass as well as technology: heating that switches off if the windows are opened, and heat recovery units.

We collect rain water to fill the cisterns of the toilets and to water the garden.

Waste management

Anywhere there is a significant restaurant like ours has to manage a range of packaging and waste in large quantities. We train our staff to be sure that they separate rubbish very carefully. We take pride in how we manage compostable waste.

Our compostable waste is very refined, containing food waste only, and as a result we can recycle it straight away as food for our friend’s farm Le Beline.

Creating energy with renewable sources

Mirtillo Rosso - hotel sostenibile ecologico in Valsesia, Monte Rosa

100% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources. Our boiler, which heats the entire building as well as the pools, runs on pellets, a by-product of timber processing.

Our south-west facing roofs are home to 45 sq m of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.

Being in harmony with the local area

Mirtillo Rosso - hotel sostenibile ecologico in Valsesia, Monte Rosa

The shapes of Mirtillo Rosso reflect the centuries old architecture of the Walsers, the first inhabitants of these high lands: the large pitched roofs, the pillars and poles made of larch wood, the stone and the deep balconies.

Our excursions and activities support the economy of the valley, from sales of local products to visits to farms, refuges and lesser known villages.


The hotel has a double electric vehicle charge point.

The electricity supplied is from 100% renewable sources.

0 km and organic products

You will be served excellent Valsesian milk, yoghurt, cheese, wines, cured meats, and hazelnuts.

The list of organic products grows with every season: juices, jams, cereals, pulses, some fruit and vegetables, the pasta for small children, some flours and cooking and pastry making ingredients.

Social responsibility

Mirtillo Rosso Ltd. is a hotel and restaurant management company. Its mission is to create a sustainable economic system, capable of offering:

  • the best 4 and 5 star hotel product in Italy to its guests, particularly families
  • a favourable working environment for its co-workers because:
    it stimulates personal and professional growth, especially in young people
    it offers the best possible economic conditions
    it promotes cooperative meritocracy as opposed to competitive meritocracy
  • a contribution to growth in the tourist destinations in which it is based, promoting knowledge of the area, collaboration with local producers and economic and institutional organisations
  • a contribution to local communities in terms of social responsibility and environmental sustainability
  • an investment for shareholders and backers that is sustainable from the start and profitable in the long term: a value fuelled by its own economic, social and reputational success.
  • Since 2016, for every direct booking received, we have donated €5 to Médecins Sans Frontières for initiatives especially for mothers and babies and to Fondazione Valsesia for projects to help Valsesian families in difficulty. This initiative amounted to €27,000 in donations at the end of 2020.